Saturday, 18 February 2012

Week Two- Temptation

"It's hard to kick old habits", "Old dogs, don't learn new tricks"- Do I need to say more.
Well the week has been and gone. It started off well, like most regimes do, but breaking old habits are difficult.

I have a great work out buddy, we have set times out to work out together, which is fine, because of one of us pikes, we know that the other person will kick them up the ass for piking. (excuse my language). 
On the other hand diet, it goes hand in hand with excersize. The blah blah crap about eating the right things and portion sizes. It bites me in the back every-time. 
I confess that I find it difficult to eat the right things or anything at all. I don't know how people live by themselves, but it is hard just feeding yourself. It means you can choose anything you want to eat, no one else is going to moan and groan about your food, and when you can't be stuffed getting anything to eat there is a packet of chips awaiting you, or even better, biscuits and juice for dinner. 

Finding food that is yummy and healthy is difficult, when you share the cooking and are on a very limited budget. So I am going to make a sticker chart.
The way i'm going to do this is write out what allocated food I have for each day, excluding dinner. When I don't have anything extra, and eat to my plan, then I earn a sticker, at the end of the week, if I have a weeks worth of stickers, I will reward myself with something chocolaty and gooey. 
I think this will help me with portion control, and training my body to eat regularly, with good food.  

In some of the comments that I received, I was told not completely forgo my chocoholic ways, as in the end I will binge. So I have now put chocolate back into my diet, (Well only when i earn it :)

Do you have any tips or stories about staying on track? If so please feel free to share as knowledge is what makes these things work. :)


  1. I live by myself and so I can sympathize.

    Some things that work for me is I plan out my meals for the whole week on Sunday. Write it up and stick it on the fridge. Then buy the ingredients for ONLY the things on my menu.

    Another thing that helps is often when you get home at the end of the day you just can't be bothered cooking. I only cook dinners once or twice a week - but cook 3 to 4 serves worth, serve up my dinner for that night and put the leftovers onto plates in the fridge. That way I can eat healthy for the rest of the week and its quick. :)

  2. tools to use are myfitnesspal - an android app, and also map my run. My fitness pal logs your calories, exercise and water intake etc... if you have an android phone its awesome as heaps you can scan the bar code in. Helps keep track of food, and all exercise done, also water intake which is important. Best of all it logs your nutrients so you can see how Gives summaries daily/weekly too. You can use it on the internet also if you dont have an android phone. I personally have found it awesome!

    Map my run uses the gps in your android phone to track your run/walk etc and gives you the details of how far, how fast, calories burnt etc... for me it makes me motivated to do better next time!

    as for food - it can be hard. Dont buy processed foods, try to eat food in it's whole form. Like fruit and veges, not muesli bars/cereal bars, chippies and bikkies. That said I do occasionally have rice crackers. I have managed to dramatically reduce the carbs Im eating but not totally eliminating them - it has to be a change that is sustainable for a long period of time, and lets be honest if you eliminate a particular food group - that is not sustainable, so weight will pile back on when you eat that again.

    Good on you - doing well!

    p.s. Do your measurements too - they are a better indication than weight alone! It will surprise you just how fast they decrease!!!

  3. Yay you! You definately earned those two stingy squares on Wednesday!