Thursday, 9 February 2012

Week One- Lets get started.

Wow, what a great amount of support, thanks to all my supporters. 
So I now have a few "weight loss buddies".
I thought it might be a good idea to share what my plan is/ tips.

I was reading/ researching on line and came across some great advice(at least i think it is):

- Keep a food diary, recording all the things i eat in a day. (this means that you can identify things in your diet that need to be changed).

- Replacing all fluids with water. Except for one glass of juice with breakfast each day. Which means, bye bye fizzy, bye bye coffee, i wont be sad to see you go.

- Find a weight loss "Buddy" they help encourage and keep you on track. Done :)

- Down size my dinner plate. To keep portion sizes "small". 

- Put on those Running shoes and walk, walk, walk for at least 45 minutes each day. 

- Eat Breakfast. Even if it means getting up five minutes earlier.

- Slow down!!! The slower you eat, the less you eat. Giving you time for your body to realize its full. 

- Join the gym. Or in my case rejoin.

- Good Bye Chocolate. I will Miss you xoxoxox.

- Passionately kiss someone 10 times a day! (This is just for you Renee)

Things i'm not going to try:

- It's said that having a meal in a blue environment is supposed to suppress your hunger when eating. 

- Count my calories. I've decided that it gets too messy trying to count each and every little thing.

-Eat facing a mirror. I'm not going to watch myself spill food on my top, the table cloth and everything around me.

What are some of your tips??? 

p.s All my thoughts have been written in italics :) 


  1. ok... Do eat brekkie - I do a complan shake. Has all you need in it and i have no time to sit down!

    DON'T cut out chocolate - limit yourself to a small portion as part of your intake. Otherwise you will fail and binge!

    you can have fizzy - just diet drinks, but water is a better choice!!!

  2. Eat lots of small meals each day - try 5-6

    Exchange all 'white' foods to wholegrain - rice, pasta, bread

    Don't be fooled by 'diet' products - if they so low fat they probably added sugar, if they say low sugar they probably put it lots of additives and fake stuff.

    Try to eat fresh i.e. don't buy anything in a packet it's just filled with preservatives, additives and crap that you really don't need to eat.

    Be careful with breakfast cereals - most of them are loaded with sugar. Avoid ones that have roasted anything in them.