Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Its time to stop!

Lately I've been looking through photos and noticing that i'm no longer that little size 6 that i used to be. My clothes are now bigger than ever, doubling in size. I haven't looked at the scales in over a year. Its time that i make a stand and become healthier and slim. So with this blog as my witness its time to change, step on those scales and stop kidding myself. 
The bathroom scales put me at 71kg's (urgh!) at 162cm that makes my BMI 27.1 (body mass index) which puts me into the overweight category. 

I'm an 18 year old (nearly 19) student currently in my second year of nursing. I feel uncomfortable about my body and usually cover it up. I'm addicted to chocolate and am not looking forward to giving it up. 

My goals:
1- To lose enough weight to put me back into the safe zone of the BMI scale (19-22), by 17th February 2013. (Around 57 Kg's, meaning a total loss of 14-15 Kg's)
2- To participate in a local fun run, by the 1st December 2012.
3- To feel sexy and confident in a skin tight dress, by 17th February 2013.
4- To wear a size 8 t-shirt and feel great in it, by 17th February 2013 

(there might be more, but they are to be decided )

My milestones: 
1- To be in the higher end of the BMI scale (<24.9) at 65 Kg's by April 31st 2012.
2- To be able to run for 15 straight minutes, without stopping by the 31st May 2012.
3- To lose 3 Kg's by the 31st March 2012.

My rewards: (there will be one for each goal and each milestone, but resulting in a huge reward at the end!)
1- Buy a DVD of my choice, once i hit milestone 3.
2- Buy a new set of underwear, once i hit milestone 1.
3- Buy a new pair of heels, once i hit milestone 2.
4- Treat myself to a leg wax, after achieving goal 2. (Don't ask why but I've always wanted to wax my legs, but have been to scared!)
5- Purchase a orange stethoscope, when i achieve goal  4.
6- Buy a new dress, plus accessories, when i achieve goal 3.
7- Treat myself to a spa day, when i achieve goal 1.

Feel free to share any tips or past experiences, I would love to hear from you. :)


  1. Awesome! You go girl. I too have been annoyed at the 'lies' the scales tells me. March 2010 I was 70kg grrr! But the last couple of days I have been trying to get eating sorted - as I too am addicted to chocolate.

    Always good if you do this with someone else and I was wondering if we could keep each other in check?

    1. Hey Charlotte,

      That would be great! One of the sites that i was reading recommended having a weight loss buddy. would you like to be mine?

    2. Yes :) Check out Healthy Food Guide online as well, can be lots of help if you're struggling with food

  2. I love people who blog!!!!
    Nice work Leea;)!!!

  3. aarrgh - my post is gone! Awesome goals! I am doing the same :) hard work but totally worth it! read my blog and see what I am doing if you like! Dont cut chocolate out totally. Have a small peice every so often. Then you wont binge. Dont buy junk food - fill the cupboards with fruit and veges, proteins etc... and do eat brekkie even though it sux eating early in the morning!!! you will be awesome - just stick to it when things plateau! xx