Sunday, 6 May 2012

Jumping back on the band wagon

 I have the perfect excuse, in fact I can come up with many, I had a concussion, I had essays to do, one more day wont matter, it would be rude if... the list can go on. 

So here I am 70 kgs and jumping back into things, if you hear an excuse from me you are free to poke me. 

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Week three- Sucess

Yay! Went in for a weight test today and it turns out that i am now 69.6kg. that is a grand total weight loss of 1.4 kg! I'm stoked! Although my official weigh- in is on monday I thought that  I would just share my exciting news. Anyone else out there achieved a loss! Please share :) 

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Week Two- Temptation

"It's hard to kick old habits", "Old dogs, don't learn new tricks"- Do I need to say more.
Well the week has been and gone. It started off well, like most regimes do, but breaking old habits are difficult.

I have a great work out buddy, we have set times out to work out together, which is fine, because of one of us pikes, we know that the other person will kick them up the ass for piking. (excuse my language). 
On the other hand diet, it goes hand in hand with excersize. The blah blah crap about eating the right things and portion sizes. It bites me in the back every-time. 
I confess that I find it difficult to eat the right things or anything at all. I don't know how people live by themselves, but it is hard just feeding yourself. It means you can choose anything you want to eat, no one else is going to moan and groan about your food, and when you can't be stuffed getting anything to eat there is a packet of chips awaiting you, or even better, biscuits and juice for dinner. 

Finding food that is yummy and healthy is difficult, when you share the cooking and are on a very limited budget. So I am going to make a sticker chart.
The way i'm going to do this is write out what allocated food I have for each day, excluding dinner. When I don't have anything extra, and eat to my plan, then I earn a sticker, at the end of the week, if I have a weeks worth of stickers, I will reward myself with something chocolaty and gooey. 
I think this will help me with portion control, and training my body to eat regularly, with good food.  

In some of the comments that I received, I was told not completely forgo my chocoholic ways, as in the end I will binge. So I have now put chocolate back into my diet, (Well only when i earn it :)

Do you have any tips or stories about staying on track? If so please feel free to share as knowledge is what makes these things work. :)

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Week One- Lets get started.

Wow, what a great amount of support, thanks to all my supporters. 
So I now have a few "weight loss buddies".
I thought it might be a good idea to share what my plan is/ tips.

I was reading/ researching on line and came across some great advice(at least i think it is):

- Keep a food diary, recording all the things i eat in a day. (this means that you can identify things in your diet that need to be changed).

- Replacing all fluids with water. Except for one glass of juice with breakfast each day. Which means, bye bye fizzy, bye bye coffee, i wont be sad to see you go.

- Find a weight loss "Buddy" they help encourage and keep you on track. Done :)

- Down size my dinner plate. To keep portion sizes "small". 

- Put on those Running shoes and walk, walk, walk for at least 45 minutes each day. 

- Eat Breakfast. Even if it means getting up five minutes earlier.

- Slow down!!! The slower you eat, the less you eat. Giving you time for your body to realize its full. 

- Join the gym. Or in my case rejoin.

- Good Bye Chocolate. I will Miss you xoxoxox.

- Passionately kiss someone 10 times a day! (This is just for you Renee)

Things i'm not going to try:

- It's said that having a meal in a blue environment is supposed to suppress your hunger when eating. 

- Count my calories. I've decided that it gets too messy trying to count each and every little thing.

-Eat facing a mirror. I'm not going to watch myself spill food on my top, the table cloth and everything around me.

What are some of your tips??? 

p.s All my thoughts have been written in italics :) 

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Its time to stop!

Lately I've been looking through photos and noticing that i'm no longer that little size 6 that i used to be. My clothes are now bigger than ever, doubling in size. I haven't looked at the scales in over a year. Its time that i make a stand and become healthier and slim. So with this blog as my witness its time to change, step on those scales and stop kidding myself. 
The bathroom scales put me at 71kg's (urgh!) at 162cm that makes my BMI 27.1 (body mass index) which puts me into the overweight category. 

I'm an 18 year old (nearly 19) student currently in my second year of nursing. I feel uncomfortable about my body and usually cover it up. I'm addicted to chocolate and am not looking forward to giving it up. 

My goals:
1- To lose enough weight to put me back into the safe zone of the BMI scale (19-22), by 17th February 2013. (Around 57 Kg's, meaning a total loss of 14-15 Kg's)
2- To participate in a local fun run, by the 1st December 2012.
3- To feel sexy and confident in a skin tight dress, by 17th February 2013.
4- To wear a size 8 t-shirt and feel great in it, by 17th February 2013 

(there might be more, but they are to be decided )

My milestones: 
1- To be in the higher end of the BMI scale (<24.9) at 65 Kg's by April 31st 2012.
2- To be able to run for 15 straight minutes, without stopping by the 31st May 2012.
3- To lose 3 Kg's by the 31st March 2012.

My rewards: (there will be one for each goal and each milestone, but resulting in a huge reward at the end!)
1- Buy a DVD of my choice, once i hit milestone 3.
2- Buy a new set of underwear, once i hit milestone 1.
3- Buy a new pair of heels, once i hit milestone 2.
4- Treat myself to a leg wax, after achieving goal 2. (Don't ask why but I've always wanted to wax my legs, but have been to scared!)
5- Purchase a orange stethoscope, when i achieve goal  4.
6- Buy a new dress, plus accessories, when i achieve goal 3.
7- Treat myself to a spa day, when i achieve goal 1.

Feel free to share any tips or past experiences, I would love to hear from you. :)